Catering for Church Events

The Ice Cream Shoppe And Café, Inc. are expanding on our great legacy of providing a unique experience of happiness and genuine fulfillment, especially for Catering for Church Events. We have truly delicious wholesome food and specialty dessert options to our menu that can only be found here.

We’ve catered for many churches in Melbourne, Florida and have provided the same great service and food.  So no matter how big or small your church is, we’d like to help.  If you are new to our services, perhaps one of the best indicators of our catering service is that we always strive to make delicious food for churches. We believe this is due to several things:

  1. Delicious Food – you know what you will get when you order from us. Whether it is full-service catering or a drop-off meal, your food will arrive on time and taste great.
  2. Our Friendly Staff  – as much as good food is important, having the right staff is just as important.  You want warm, welcoming people for your guests and that is what we provide – great service with lots of smiles : )
  3. Great Pricing Value – Because of the volume of business we do and being heavily involved in the community, we are able to provide delicious, high-quality food at a better cost and are happy to pass those savings on to you.

Catering For Church Events

Are you looking for catering for the next event at your church? We provide catering for a variety of events, such as Catering for Church Events in Melbourne FL. If you are planning a church luncheon or other church events where great food and service is a must, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (321) 610-1643 or visit our contact us page. We are happy to help answer any questions you have. Check out our online catering store now!